With the rise of the Corona Virus or Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020, a lot of people and businesses were greatly affected. People are stuck at their homes and businesses stopped operations at their physical offices/shops. This is the time where people and businesses are more dependent on digital or online applications to continue and move forward during these tough times,

Digital applications, online shops, online meetings, anything digital/online/virtual, etc. all depend on web applications or websites to function. But websites are not spared from viruses. If a website is infected or worst case, hacked due to vulnerabilities caused by an unprotected website, this will be a big blow to business owners and clients that are now more dependent on online services to go on with the “new normal” conditions. 

These unforeseen events lead to my creation of this website security services. To be transparent, I also created other digital services, available on my website, in the hope to have other sources of income to bring food to the table for my family, especially for my daughter. Doing all these things for her. 

You have my guarantee that I will take care and protect your websites. The applications (Virusdie and Patchstack) that I use are professional-grade and will definitely secure and protect your websites.

If we are paranoid going out because we don’t have the vaccine to protect us from Covid-19 yet, at least our online businesses or websites can continue to function without the fear of getting hacked or infected by viruses or malware. You can sleep soundly knowing you are protected.

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